Frequently Asked Questions

Address/Property Information

  • Address Assigning, Permits & Zoning

    Eau Claire County assigns addresses in the Town. Building permits and zoning questions are addressed at the County level. Questions? Please contact the Planning and Development Department at 715-839-4741.

  • Fire Numbers

    The Town does NOT have fire numbers. It is the resident’s responsibility to make sure that their address can be clearly read on their mail box and home in case of an emergency.


  • Animal Control

    Please contact the Eau Claire Communication Center at 715-839-4972 for any complaints of animals running at large, biting, making unnecessary loud noise, or being treated inhumanely. If there is a dog or cat running at large, a humane office will not be dispatched without you first having contained (i.e. leashed, in garage, kennel, or fenced yard) the animal for pickup.

  • Dog Licenses

    A license must be obtain for dogs within a month of moving into the Town or acquiring a new dog; or after a puppy turns five (5) months. This is an annual calendar year license and is to be renewed on or before January 1st each year.  To obtain a dog license, please send in an application, proof of vaccination, payment, and self-addressed stamped envelope to: Janelle Henning, Clerk/Treasurer Town of Washington 5750 Old Town Hall Road Eau Claire, WI 54701. Owners of unlicensed dogs are subject to a $150 fine and court fees.

    In a residential zoning district you are limited to five dogs or less, unless you have a commercial kennel license.

  • Found a Dog or Cat?

    The Town contracts with the Eau Claire County Humane Association for enforcement of our ordinances pertaining to animals.
    If you find a stray dog or cat, the ECC Humane Association has outlined their protocol.  Click on the links below:

    Found Dog

    Found Cat

Dead Deer

  • Dead Deer Pickup

    To report dead deer on the road or in the right-of-way, call the Town Office at 715-834-3257, if it is on a County road call Eau Claire County Highway Department at 715-839-2952.


  • Elections/Voting

    Polling hours are from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. at the Town’s Municipal Building located at 5750 Old Town Hall Road in Eau Claire, WI. (See directions & map) Applications for new registration and absentee ballots are available under Elections & Voting. If you have interest in working the polls, please complete the application under Elections & Voting and submit to Janelle Henning, Clerk/Treasurer.


  • Hunting

    The use of a bow and arrow or crossbow for the purpose of hunting is allowed within the Town. Discharging of other weapons is limited. Go to the Department tab, then click on Ordinances, then the Discharging Weapons Ordinance to read the restrictions and regulations for all hunting. You can also view the map for Discharging Weapons under the Community tab, then Maps.


  • Building Permits and Inspections

    The Town has a Driveway Access Permit for the installation of driveways. This permit must be obtained before you can apply for a building permit. An application can be printed off under Forms & Permits or stop by the Municipal Office to obtain this form. For all other building/maintaining permits (new homes, garages, fences, siding, shingles, etc.) and inspections, please contact Eau Claire County Planning and Development at 715-839-4741. Also, call this number for all zoning and land use questions.

  • Burning Permit

    Burning permits are required (including the use of a burn barrel) when you are burning anything more than a campfire; you can ONLY obtain a permit online at, then click on the "Burning Permit" button.  You can read the ordinances as well as obtain a burning permit.  Applications can only be made Monday through Friday from 4:30 PM until 8:00 PM, or Saturday 8:00 AM until 8:00 PM. 

Recycling and Disposal Locations

  • Recycling

    The Town does not have a recycling drop off. The two closest drop offs are:

    Foster, County HH and Wren Drive, east of Foster First & Third Saturdays of the Month (8 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

    Pleasant Valley, Cleghorn School at County HH & I Second & Forth Saturdays of the Month (8 a.m. – 12 p.m.)

    For hazardous waste, appliances, electronics, yard waste, and clean sweep dates, please call Eau Claire County Recycling at 715-839-6159.

    Trash/recycling receptacle containers MUST be kept out of Town right-of-ways and roads. When placed incorrectly they present a hazard to the road crew and to general traffic. Residents are reminded that containers should be removed from the collection area within twelve (12) hours of pickup.

  • Brush Disposal

    There is one brush site located in Eau Claire County for residents of the County to use. It is operated by the City of Eau Claire. This facility is located on the north side of the City of Eau Claire on Jeffers Road - from the intersection of the North Crossing/State Road 312, go north on Jeffers Road about 3/4 mile. Public hours: Monday, Wednesday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. from late April - mid-November. For information regarding what is accepted and fees go to click here. Closed on holidays and during inclement weather.

Rest Haven Cemetery

  • Rest Haven Cemetery

    For those who own cemetery spaces, just a reminder that decorations, pots & flowers are permitted from May 1 until October 15. Wreaths affixed to the pot stand or mounted over the stone on a wire tripod are allowed from November 1 to April 1. For all inquiries regarding the cemetery contact Jackie at 715-834-3257 or


  • Road Construction

    The Town restores or refurbishes approximately five(5) miles of road every year. The spring newsletter posts which roads will be worked on that summer. The Road Crew will notify residents if the street cannot be driven on during the hardening process. Residents are not special assessed for street improvements.

  • Road Obstruction

    Please call the Communication Center at 715-839-4972 after office hours if trees block a road or there are washed out roads.

  • Road Right-of-Way

    It is against Town ordinance to install items (i.e., lawn markers, fence, vegetation, sprinkler systems, etc) in the Town road right-of-way. The right-of-way is generally 33 feet from the center-line of the road, which means they should not be installed next to the roadway. Items in the road right-of-way can present direct hazard and occlude vision at intersections that pose liability issues.

Snow Removal

  • Snow Removal

    All vehicles are required to be removed from the roadways DURING AND 24 HOURS after a snowfall. Vehicles will be TICKETED AND TOWED AT OWNER’S EXPENSE. Also, please do not follow too closely behind snow plows, stay back at least 100 feet. No person shall place, cause or permit another to place snow or ice anywhere upon Town-owned right-of-way at a location or at a height or depth that interferes with or impedes Town snow clearance operations or which causes damage or injury to any Town equipment. Tickets will be issued to violators. (Ordinance 4-2-1-0140-C) With heavy snowfall mailboxes could be knocked down. The Town will reimburse up to $25 for mailboxes which are hit directly by the snowplow but not as a result of the snow load coming off the plows. The Town suggests that residents install a swing-away mail box.

  • Winter Parking Regulations

    No vehicle allowed on streets during snowfall and 24 hours after snowfall. The Town DOES NOT have Odd/Even Parking. In the event of a snow emergency NO PARKING is permitted for 48 hours. Violators will be ticketed by the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Department. Vehicles that present an obstruction and are not removed will be towed.

Tax Information

  • Property Tax Collection

    First Installments or paying your taxes in full in December & January
    Mail Payments to: Town of Washington, 5750 Old Town Hall Road, Eau Claire, WI 54701 or come in person to the Town Office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.  Checks are made payable to: Town of Washington.  We now accept credit & debit cards (convenience fees apply), and cash payments are discouraged.  Receipts will be returned via mail only if a self-addressed stamped envelope is included with your payment.  You can also go to the Eau Claire County website at and type in your last name or address.  You can view or print a copy of your receipt.

    Second Installments are Due in July.
    Mail Payments to: Eau Claire County Treasurer, 721 Oxford Ave, Eau Claire, WI 54703. Make checks payable to: Eau Claire County. For address changes, balances due, and whether your bank has paid your taxes, please contact the Eau Claire Treasurer’s Office at 715-839-4805.

  • Tax Rate

    Click on the Property Taxes Tab

  • Lottery Credit

    Click on the Property Taxes tab for information

  • First Dollar Credit for 2018

    Click on the Property Taxes tab for information.

  • Town Assessor

    Appraisal Services 2025 Fairfax Street Eau Claire, WI 54701. Call 715-834-1361 and speak to Gene Johnson or John Palm.

Town Hall

  • Use of Town Hall

    The Town of Washington permits use of the Meeting/Training room for the purpose of meetings and training sessions to the Town of Washington based organizations and associations, all government entities, and businesses. The Meeting/Training room hours are Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. All groups using the Meeting/Training room need to sign a permit form and fees do apply. You can access the permit form by going to the Forms and Permit page of this website.