Rest Haven Cemetery

Attention Lot Owners Spring flowers (real or artificial) can be placed in a plant stand beginning May 1: Items placed directly on the ground or on a shepherd's hook will be removed. Please remove all flowers by October 15, each year. Any flowers left will be removed and disposed of by the cemetery sexton after this date. Wreaths affixed to the pot stand or mounted over the stone on a wire tripod are allowed from November 1 to April 1. The cemetery staff will remove and dispose of wreaths left beyond that date.

To view the maps of the various gardens in the cemetery:
Rest Haven Cemetery is made up of four gardens: Devotion, Last Supper, Christus, and Memory. Each garden has about 200 separate blocks with 16 spaces per block. The Garden of Devotion is closest to the Municipal Building and is the oldest garden. Devotion has a statue of a Bible facing the garden. The second oldest garden is Last Supper. Last Supper has a statue facing it with an imitated picture of Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper. The third section is the garden of Christus, which has the statue of Christ. The newest garden is Memory.

The Town has landscaped and dedicated Rest Haven Cemetery as a place of restful and harmonious beauty, and it desires to perpetually maintain the premises not only as a place of comfort to the relatives and friends of deceased loved ones, but one of pride for the entire community. The Cemetery is located behind the Town of Washington Municipal Building at 5750 Old Town Hall Road, Eau Claire, WI.

Rest Haven Garden Association was formed on May 5, 1953. The Town of Washington acquired the cemetery from the Association on September 2, 1999, as a Town Cemetery.

 We are currently selling available spaces for $700 each. If you are interested, please call our office at 715-834-3257 for an appointment. We also have a baby garden called Angels which will have an angel statue over looking it in the future. Spaces in Angels are $200.

The Town has a full-time maintenance employee who oversees the cemetery grounds. A sprinkler system operates throughout the cemetery. Rest Haven allows for flower stands to be set next to the marker. For more on flowers, wreaths, stone sizes, burials, please read the Cemetery Brochure or for detailed information the Rest Haven Regulations.

The Town allows for donation of a bench in the Cemetery. Click on the policy and application below for more information.

Bench Donation Policy

Bench Application