Land Use/Planning

Town Comprehensive Plan

Ordinance Adopting Amendment to Comp Plan Future Land Use Map


Eau Claire County assigns addresses within the Town. Contact the Planning & Development office at 715-839-4741 with any address questions. The Town does not have Fire Numbers. Your address should be clearly marked on your house and on your mailbox.

Building Permits

All building permits are obtained through Eau Claire County Planning & Development. They are located in the Courthouse at 721 Oxford Avenue, Eau Claire on the Third Floor, 715-839-4741. All questions should be addressed to their office. For a link to the County's forms, click here. If you have questions regarding inspections, call the County Building Inspector, Fred Dahlke at 715-839-2944.

Driveway Access Permits

Driveway access permits are issued through the Town and must be obtained before you can be issued a building permit. To download the application, click here.

Property Assessment

Appraisal Services is the Assessor for the Town. They are located at 2025 Fairfax Street, Eau Claire WI 54701. Questions regarding the assessed value of your property should be addressed to Gene Johnson, Adam Kremer, or John Garlick at 715-834-1361.


The Town is under Eau Claire County Zoning requirements. Contact the Planning & Development office at 715-839-4741.

Rezoning / Conditional Use Permits

If you have questions regarding possible rezoning or a conditional use permit for your property, we encourage you to first speak to the Town Administrator, Janelle Henning at 715-834-3257. She will then refer you to Eau Claire County Planning & Development to file an application. After filing an application, you will be placed on the agenda for a Town Board meeting where a public hearing will be held. A second hearing will be held at the County level following the Town's meeting.