• Seasonal Weight Restrictions


    All seasonal weight limitations will be lifted on Wednesday, May 2

    Per WI State Statutes 349.16, the Town of Washington will impose seasonal weight limitations of 12 Tons on several town roads effective on or after March 12, 2018 upon posting of required signs. The limits will be in effect until the spring thaw road break up period is over. View for updates.

    Posted Town of Washington Roads are as follows:

    Balsam Road                    Pheasant Road

    Dewitz Road                     Priory Road

    S Elco Road                      Schumacher Road

    N Elco Road                     Schultz Road

    Graff Road                        E Shore Drive

    Gunnes Road                    S Shore Drive

    Old Town Hall Road        Talmadge Road (Thistledown section)

    Mischler Road                  Voight Road

    S Lowes Creek Road