Wind Energy Systems

Posted: September 2, 2021

A company called Renewable Wind Energy (RWE) is looking to establish a 200 mega watt wind farm in Eau Claire County which first involved the towns of Pleasant Valley and Clear Creek; the focus has now expanded into the towns of Washington, Lincoln, Bridge Creek, and Otter Creek.  There have been wind easements recorded with Eau Claire County that give rights to the landowner and contractor if and when they decide to move forward.
The Town Board approved an ordinance in July 2021 for a temporary moratorium on development of wind energy systems for six months; allowing the Town Plan Commission time to research the topic and look at what the Town can and cannot enforce or restrict if it so chooses.  The Wisconsin Public Service Commission (PSC 128) established wind siting rules March 12, 2012, that provide parameters as to local municipal regulations.
The Town Board is strongly encouraging our residents to educate themselves on the topic.  If you are approached by company representatives carefully review any documents before signing and talk to your neighbors.

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