Proposed Planert/Lippert City of Altoona Annexation

Posted: April 26, 2023

The City of Altoona is in receipt of an annexation petition from Dale Planert and Frank Lippert to annex 122 acres currently in the Town of Washington to the City of Altoona.  The proposed annexation territory starts at the parcel adjacent to the Altoona School District elementary school and extends northeast across the railroad tracks to parcels on CTH SS/Nine Mile Creek Road.  The intent is to develop the Planert/Lippert parcels north of CTH SS into a multiply-family residential development.  The Town of Washington has stated their objection of this proposed annexation to the Wisconsin Department of Administration and to the City of Altoona.  Since State Statutes limit towns ability to stop such annexation, we encourage our residents to participate in the upcoming City of Altoona meetings.  The City of Altoona Council will formerly receipt this petition at their meeting on Thursday, April 27, 2023.  It is likely that the Council will look to adopt an annexation ordinance in their upcoming meetings.  The Town of Washington urges Town of Washington residents in this area to note said meetings.  Both the City of Altoona Plan Commission and City Council will be considering the makeup and design of this residential development and your input is vital to influence the final design.

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