Notice of Listening Session for Town Residents

Posted: May 28, 2024

Incorporating a Portion of the Town into a Village

June 18, 2024, 6PM

The Town of Washington Board is considering incorporating a portion of the Town of Washington into a village.  Annexation and growth by the City of Eau Claire has and will continue to erode Town borders and change the landscape, quality, and character of the Town of Washington.  Village status would provide for fixed borders, local control, and area stability. Seeking incorporation is not guaranteed and would not include the entire town.  Such an effort will require staff involvement, outside experts, review by the circuit court, review by the WI Department of Administration and a referendum vote of residents (see the DOA’s Municipal Incorporation Process below)  If successful, the resulting village and town would each have its own governing body and would share existing resources and services by agreement.

We want to hear from Town residents. You are invited to attend a Town Board Listening Session at 6:00PM on Tuesday, June 18, 2024, at the Town Municipal Building, 5750 Old Town Hall Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701.  The Town Board and staff will be available starting at 5:30 PM.  At 6PM there will be a short presentation on “What Is Incorporation?” followed by a comment period for Town residents. Please provide concise comments as the Town Board will want to hear from as many residents as possible and speaking time will be limited accordingly.

If you have information and comments that would assist the Board as they consider incorporation, we urge you to attend the meeting.  If you cannot attend the meeting, please provide your comments on the Town Resident Incorporation Comment Card below and forward to Janelle Henning at

Village FAQs
Incorporation Process Flow Chart
Articles re: Annexation from recent Town Newsletters
Town Resident Comment Form

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